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Is vitamin C rich foods help for weight loss

Vitamin C is one among the foremost effective nutrients of all. From fighting cold to protective the guts, antioxidant has various verified health advantages.

However does one recognize that it's conjointly an excellent fat burner? As per a study, folks that had  antioxidant in their diet (and body) burned concerning 30% additional fat whereas physical exertion as compared to individuals low on this nutrient.

vitamin c foods

Vitamin c foods

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 so as to slenderize in an efficient method, ladies ought to consume seventy five milligrams of antioxidant a day and for men, it's ninety milligrams.
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Vitamin C foods for Weight loss :


So munch on these nine antioxidant made fruits and veggies if you would like to Quick weight loss

This spirited, sweet fruit is nice for the system and helps you burn fat. Pineapple is low in calorie and made in nutrition that helps to chop down excessive fat from the body.
Vitamin C level: seventy nine mg per serving



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Bell peppers:

Bell peppers area unit nice for Weight loss. it's made in essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that facilitate to fight illness and lose a couple of pounds.

Bell pepper

Bell pepper


Vitamin C level: 117 mg per serving Papaya is nice for digestion and it conjointly detoxifies the liver. The fruit is low in calories and an expensive supply of fiber and vitamin A and C.
Vitamin C level: 188 mg per serving



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Strawberries contain a decent quantity of fiber, that makes them a wonderful Weight loss fruit. Fiber keeps your hunger pangs treed and curbs your probing for unhealthy food.Vitamin C level: eighty five mg per serving

straw berry



 Kiwis area unit superfoods for Weight loss as a result of they're made in fiber. full of vitamins and nutrients, kiwis area unit low in calories and energy dense.Vitamin C level: seventy two mg or one fruit



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 Like alternative citrus, oranges area unit low in calories and high in antioxidant. So, if you're attempting to slenderize, eat oranges instead of drinking fruit juice.Vitamin C level: seventy mg for one fruit

Orange fruit

vitamin c fruit 

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Tomatoes area unit a wonderful supply of macromolecule, minerals, and dietary fiber. jam-packed with antioxidants, tomatoes also are high in water content.Vitamin C level: twenty three mg per serving



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Broccoli contains smart carb and is high in fiber. It helps in digestion, prevents constipation and maintains low glucose.Vitamin C level: eighty one mg per serving



Cauliflower :

 Cauliflowers area unit low in calories and you'll eat it without fear concerning weight gain. Cauliflower slows the digestion method and promotes the sensation of fullness.Vitamin C level: fifty two mg per serving



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Weight loss foods : Is vitamin C rich foods help for weight loss ? nutrientfood.net
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