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What happens when we Drink Daily Cup of Coffee ? Is good for Health ? 

Coffee is very favourate drink in  morning . It is  keeps us going and helped in working through those long tiring assignments. Only a coffee lover can says that how important it is to them to have their "coffee". And how difficult it is to not have the daily dose in early morning potion.

And if you have a mother or a knitpicking aunty to tells you otherwise, we bring to you findings that will make you reach your coffee mug and tell her a thing or two -- about the benefits of coffee.


                  How coffee helps you lose weight :

 Does coffee really help you Lose weight? And the questions keep on coming.  The good news is that yes in fact coffee may be helpful in achieving your journey to weight loss.  In fact studies show that drinking coffee can aid in curbing your appetite, helping one to eat less and Lose weight more easily.  Coffee also acts as a diuretic, allowing for water loss that causes a temporary reduce weight as well.

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  For those who are getting in shape by working out, caffeine can serve as a powerful antioxidant that helps the body to recover from exercise.  Keep in mind consuming coffee while on a diet plan, means to limit the extra calories that can come from milk and sugar. A small amount of raw honey or real maple syrup and a splash of milk or whatever milk alternative you prefer adds a lot of flavor with minimal calories.

                            Coffee Health Benefits   

1 Consuming Coffee prevent risk of diabetes and heart diseases

A study says  Harvard School of Public Health which lasted for over 30 years and followed over 2,00,000 doctors revealed that consumption of coffee reduces the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, neurological diseases and even suicide. Drinking a cup of coffee reduces the risk of death from these causes by over 6 per cent. Drinking between three to five cups a day reduces the risk by 15 per cent.

Coffee Health Benefits
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2- Coffee reduces the cause of any death

An interesting British study of around 50,000 people suggested that non-coffee drinkers were more likely to die than avid coffee drinkers over than span of 10 years of the study. Theories suggest coffee contains more than 10,000 chemicals which protect cells from damage.

3- Consuming coffee helps you burn fat

Under this study from the University of Nottingham in England, researchers measured the temperature of people's neck which helped them gauge how much brown adipose tissue (also known as BAT) they were burning while consuming coffee. Burning of BAT helps the body to use WAT (white adipose tissue) as energy. To tell it in an easy way it literally means coffee helps you burn fat.

burn fat
Burn Fat With Coffee
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4- Coffee slows the ageing process

This study of 100 people by Stanford University found out that high caffeine content in coffee helps the body to slow down the ageing process. It starts with the idea that as people get older, they experience a "fundamental inflammatory mechanism associated with human ageing but caffeine counteracts the mechanism."

5 .Caffeine helps fight memory loss

Having a  first cup of coffee in the morning can be a great way to start your day, but could it also help keep your memory sharp as you age? One recent study shows that maybe it can.

A multinational collaboration -- including researchers from France, Germany, and the United States – has found that caffeine can combat the effects of age-related memory impairment. This could point to another way to slow the decline of memory function in older consumers and those affected by cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s.

The researchers have confirmed that a certain receptor in the brain, called adenosine A2AR, is linked to memory impairments related to age. Following up on previous research, they were able to manipulate this receptor to induce a sort of “early aging” that led to the release of hormones related to stress and memory loss.
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6. Drinking coffee  helps prevent gallstones

 Though recent studies have presented both positive and negative outcomes for the revered beverage, a new study shows that coffee could actually help consumers prevent the onset of gallstones. 

The researchers conducted an observational study of over 104,000 individuals to better understand how the popular morning drink was affecting their likelihood of symptomatic gallstone disease (GSD). 

While heavy caffeine drinkers -- those who had at least six cups per day -- saw the greatest reduction in their likelihood of developing GSD at over 20 percent, the researchers learned that the benefits extend beyond just caffeine extremists. Those who upped their coffee intake by one extra cup per day were found to be at a reduced risk of developing gallstones. 

The researchers also learned that genes can play a role in these instances, as those who were genetically predisposed to consume more caffeine were also less likely to develop gallstones.

Disadvantages :

 In excess, caffeine has been linked to insomnia, irritability and can cause your heart to race.   People who suffer from IBS may also find that coffee upsets their bowels, as it acts as a diuretic and stimulates movement, which can result in discomfort.  Caffeine can also lead to increased episodes of heartburn and indigestion.  For those who drink coffee regularly, there is a large concern about the possibility of an addiction to caffeine.  For those who are addicted, withdrawal from caffeine can result in headaches and shakiness due to its absence in the diet. Always be sure to talk to your doctor - who has your health care information & history - about how coffee might benefit or harm your health.

Disclimer : We got the information from Internet and some magzines.This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information

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weight loss : What happens when we Drink Daily Cup of Coffee ? Is good for Health ? nutrientfood.net
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