Weight loss Tips : Best Drinks for Lose Belly fat | Nutrientfood.net

Weight loss Tips : Best Drinks for Lose Belly fat | Nutrientfood.net

Belly fat is most common problem today . so many people  struggling with the belly fat .some of  these drinks might surely help you lose that fat. you have to know what drinks you must include in your diet to get rid of that Belly fat.

Best drinks for  lose Belly fat

Weight loss is not a new concept, it's rather one tried, tested and failed concept. It's a far-fetched idea, which can surely help you lose weight fast, but you cannot survive on this diet for a long time in future. And instead of relise on a liquid diet for weight loss, add these drinks you can take your daily diet that can help you speed up the fat-burning process. 

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These drinks helps to boost your metabolism and thus, help you burn more calories. So, if you are planning to burning  belly fat and lose weight, then add these drinks to your diet right now. They are known to aid lose fat. Have these drinks early in the morning, as that is the time when your metabolism is at its peak. They will help you achieve your goals, healthily and sustainably.

Fennel water:

 Fennel seeds have some diuretic properties that helps with detoxification. They help flush out toxins from the body and speed up the metabolism process. add a teaspoon of fennel seeds in water and leave it overnight. Strain and drink the water the next day.

fennel water for Burning bellyfat

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Jeera water:

 Jeera is widely used in Recipes like rice, pooris and curries. And now you can use them to burn belly fat and weight loss too. Jeera helps improve digestion and metabolism and also accelerates fat-burning process. mix a teaspoonful of jeera into a glass of water and leave it overnight. Strain the drink and consume first thing in the morning.

Ajwain water:

 Ajwain seeds helps for digestion and absorption of food. This is also hepls for lose belly fat, which ultimately leads to Weight loss. Add  2 tsp of Ajwain seeds in a cup of water overnight. Add some water and boil it , let it cool down and consume it on an empty stomach in early morning.
Lemon water: our favourate lemon water  is fully  packed with antioxidants and pectin fibre that helps with Belly fat. Take a glass of water, add freshly squeezed lemon juice and drink it first thing in the morning daily

Ginger lemongrass tea:

Both ginger and lemongrass are rich in anti-inflammatory properties. They curb hunger packs and keep you full for a longer time, which it also helps with Weight loss. Take one piece of fresh ginger  lemongrass, add water and bring them to boil, let it cool down and then consume it in the morning.
Ginger and Lemon Grass Tea

Green Tea :

 Green tea is well known weight loss drink , It is packed with rich antioxidant,it help improve immunity and also lose weight.
Here are some explanations of how green tea helps to lose weight.
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A particular type of antioxidant known as catechin helps lose belly fat and boost metabolism, an important factor in weight loss

The caffeine component is a stimulant that improves activity levels and exercise performance

Green tea is helpful in burning fat and getting rid of the excess flab
It also helps in the process of digestion which, paired with the metabolism boost, aids the process of weight loss
Add one of these drinks to your daily diet, and see the result yourself

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Weight loss Tips : Best Drinks for Lose Belly fat | Nutrientfood.net
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