Places to visit in Jammu that will charm you with their beauty |

Places to visit in Jammu that will charm you with their beauty

Jammu is known as the Gateway to Heaven,Located in Jammu and Kashmir kingdom of India, Jammu vicinity is thought for its enchanting mountains

1.Vaishno Devi Temple – 

This is very well-known Goddess temple .And it has ancient place,Devi maa Penance in this cave.The actual date of the establishment of the shrine has now not been recorded. According to a geological study, this cave is nearly a million years old. There is not any connection with the Goddess in Vedic literature, however the Trikuta mountain is referenced in Rigveda. Maa Vaishno Devi became first stated in the Hindu epic Mahabharata, when Arjun addresses the Goddess. It is assumed that the temples at Kol Kandoli and Bhawan have been built with the aid of the Pandavas. Guru Gobind Singh, the Sikh Guru, is said to have visited the cave. Some people trust that the shrine is the holiest of all Shaktipeeths.NnIt is thought that the shrine became located seven-hundred years ago via Pandit Shridhar. According to legend, Mata Vaishnavi appeared in his dream and requested him to look for her at the holy cave amidst the folds the Trikuta Mountain. On coming into the cave, he observed a rock formation with 3 heads. Mata Vaishno Devi seemed earlier than him and blessed him. Pandit Shridhar then spent the rest of his life inside the carrier of the Goddess at the holy cave.

2.Peer Kho Cave – 

The Oldest One
The Shrine of the Peer Kho Temple is one of the antique temples of ‘the City of Temples’. A big number of devotees throng it on Puranmashi, Amavasya and Ekadashi. The important festivals condectects here are Shivratri, Purnima amd Shravan Puranmashi or Raksha Bandhan. The lingam is located inner a small but peaceful cave decorated with white marble square platform. The black stone lingam is embellished with a copper snake or Naga and a Silver sheet covers the Jallari or Yoni, topped via a copper vessel hanging to pour water continuously at the lingam. The lower a part of the body of the lingam and other features are just like the shrine of Purmandal temple complex and likely belong to the equal length of early Dogra regime. The Peer Kho Temple and Peer Mitha are two temples placed in the metropolis of temples. During the reign of Raja Ajaib Dev, for Saint Siddha Ghareeb Nath entitled Peer, the temple changed into constructed in fifteenth century A.D in line with the unconfirmed historical records. The two caves are twenty to thirty feet beneath the floor level. The Peer Kho cave temple has a lot of reverence among the area people of the old town.

3.Bahu Fort –

 The Walls That Have Survived
The Bahu Fort is a historic fortress within the town of Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir. Constructed at the banks on Tawi River, the ancient citadel is thought to be constructed by Raja Bahulochan round 3,000 years ago. It is believed that the first protection of this fortress was undertaken by Maharaja Ranjit Singh throughout Sikh Rule in 18th century.[1] The fort is a religious place, and within its precincts has a temple committed to the Hindu goddess Kali. The temple is known locally as the "Bawe Wali Mata temple

4.Raghunath Temple – A Major Hindu Shrine

Raghunath Temple is a famous Hindu god  vishnu ji temple located in Jammu witch in  the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It consists of a complicated of 7 Hindu shrines. Raghunath Temple was constructed by the first Dogra ruler Maharaja Gulab Singh nearly the year 1835 and later his son Maharaja Ranbir Singh got it completed inside the year 1860 During Dogra rule.[1] The temple has many gods in its complicated of shrines, however the presiding deity is Rama – also referred to as Raghunath, an Avatar of Vishnu.

5.Manda Zoo – Perfect For Family Vacation

Manda Zoo Jammu well known as Manda Deer Park is a National Park in Jammu. Manda Zoo is situated just a few meters before Amar Singh Palace & Museum and Hari Niwas Palace at Palace Road, Janipur, Jammu. As you enter the zoo you’ll find a enchanting surroundings this is a few distance exquisite from the heavy noise and pollutants inside the city you feel right in advance than entering the zoo. 

6.Bhimgarh Fort – Travel Back In Time

Bhimgarh Fort, also known  as the Reasi Fort, is close to Reasi, a town approximately 64 km northwest of Jammu.[1] The citadel is on a hillock about one hundred fifty metres high. Initially, it changed into built of clay. Later on,  Maharaj Rishipal Rana, the founder of Reasi, reconstructed it using stone. It changed into used by the royal family participants for shelter in the course of emergencies.

7.Baag-e-Bahu – Stroll Around Nature

The Bahu Fort is a historic fortress inside the metropolis of Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir. Constructed on the banks on Tawi River, the ancient fortress is assumed to be constructed with the aid of Raja Bahulochan around 3,000 years ago. It is thought that the first preservation of this citadel changed into undertaken via Maharaja Ranjit Singh during Sikh Rule in 18th century.[1] The fortress is a religious place, and inside its precincts has a temple dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali. The temple is known domestically as the "Bawe Wali Mata temple

8.Sidhra Golf Course – A Scenic Getaway

Jammu Tawi Golf Course is 18 holes Golf Course with fairways of approximate 6600 meters length, has two huge and three small water bodies (lakes) and approximately 3200 meters lengthy water channel. The course is laid with underground sprinkle irrigation device and has consolation stations/rain shelters. It has full-fledged upkeep complex, a club house and about 6500 mtrs lengthy pathway. The direction is spread over an area of 70 hectares of land.

9.Amar Mahal Palace – Where Legend Lies

The Amar Mahal Palace is a palace located in Jammu, within the Indian nation of Jammu and Kashmir, India, which has now been converted into a Museum. It changed into built within the nineteenth century for Raja Amar Singh, a Dogra king by means of a French architect at the lines of a French Chateau. 

10.Mubarak Mandi Palace – Place Of Royals

Mubarak Mandi is a palace in Jammu, India. The palace became the royal house of the maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir from the Dogra dynasty. It became their principal seat till 1925 whilst maharadja Hari Singh moved to the Hari Niwas Palace inside the northern part of Jammu. The palace is located in the coronary heart of the old walled city of Jammu and overlooks the Tawi river.

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Places to visit in Jammu that will charm you with their beauty |
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