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weight loss Breakfast Meal | Why do we add strawberries and mulberries  in your Breakfast

Breakfast meals like daliya, oatmeal, and upma are too passe. What if we say that you can make these regular breakfast delights interesting yet healthy by giving them a delectable and nutritious makeover?! Yes, you heard us. Our kitchen pantries are loaded with ingredients that are nutritional powerhouses. Using them to their best potential is the catch here and we are here to tell you how few readily available fruits can come handy in making regular meals nutrient-dense.

weight loss Breakfast
Weight Loss Breakfast

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Berries for weight loss : 

It's time to have a closer look at the fruit basket, which is lying in the center of your dining table. While there is absolutely no dearth of fruits out there, there are two berries that can be used in your breakfast meal to add in both flavour and nutrition. We're talking about strawberries and mulberries.

Breakfast Meal for weight loss

Adding these two berries to your daliya or oatmeal is a great way to ensure constant supply of nutrition in the body. Both the berries could also help you go a long way in meeting your weight loss goals. Tarty, refreshing and succulent, strawberries and mulberries are replete with soluble fibers and dietary fiber helps in boosting the body's digestive system, which would further promote Healthy Weight loss.

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Weight loss meal  :

 Most nutritionists suggest that a healthy digestive system is crucial for maintenance of Healthy Weight loss. According to the book, 'Healing Foods' by DK Publishing House, "mulberries help strengthen the digestive tract and can ease bloating and constipation." Whereas, "strawberries have heart-healthy properties, benefit the digestive system, and are the only fruit to have seeds-a source of small amounts of omega-3 fatty acids- on their exterior," notes the book 'Healing Foods'.

Moreover, mulberries have a naturally sweet taste, which is why they can also be a substitute to sugar that is used in various breakfast preparations like oatmeal, daliya etc.
Strawberries tend to quickly lose their nutrition once they are pickled, so it is best to consume them in their fresh and organic state. 

A lot of people also face problems while storing strawberries, so fret not as we've got some expert tips to buy and save fresh strawberries. Apart from adding these two berries in your breakfast meals, you can also prepare standalone dishes and beverages from them.

So, reap the most of these two healthy berries by making them a part of your daily breakfast meals.

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weight loss Breakfast Meal | Why do we add strawberries and mulberries in your Breakfast | nutrientfood.net
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