RamalaiRecipe | How to make best and Easy Rasmalai Recipe At Home

                 Rasamalai | How to make Rasmalai Recipe 

Rasamali is very tasty and delicious sweet .Many people like this sweet .Rasmalai Recipe is making at home very easly. we need simple ingrediants to make it.

Rasmalai Recipe

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Rasamalai Recipe ingredients :    
  cooking time : 30 min

1 .Milk - 1 lt
2. Suger -  1 cup
3 .ilaichi - 1/4 tsp
4 .safron just for colour
5 . Some almonds and pistachios

Rasamalai Recipe preparation method :

Hi friends we are going to make soft and delicious Rasmalai first let's start with making soft bunny boil some milk here I have taken two liters of full fat. milk now mill started to boil now switch off the heat and after a minute add the lemon juice now slowly add the lemon juice.

Tasty Rasmalai
Tasty Rasmalai

Now you can see the mill started to curdle and the way has fully separated now let's filter it through a cheesecloth rinse it with cold water to remove the lemon flavor now tie it up and squeeze the extra water and hang it for thirty minutes before we start kneading it smack rub D.

So to make roughly add food cups of milk add one cup of sugar to it put it in a very low heat setting and the dip simmer take one tablespoon of warm milk and add it to the saffron keep it aside let's also make some light sugar syrup so add two cups of sugar in ten cups of water and bring it to a rolling boil it has been 30 minutes now to get soft and fibrous Rasmalai .

We need to knead them so need them at least for 10 minutes only then you will get soft and fibrous Rasmalai Recipe now the Punnett is starting to hold shape now let's make small balls out of them first and gently between your palms now rest my balls already and Oh sugar slippin sir has come to a rolling boil now slowly drop the balls inside cover them and cook the water in seven minutes.

Now you can see he does pop the pan has doubled in size let it cook for another three minutes now let's take them out Wow just doubled in size slowly take them out it's very soft add some sugar see look all the rest light to prevent drying and then allow it to cool

And then we can add to the rum now rub d has thickened now let's add some flavoring to it add quarter teaspoon of cardamom powder and add some almonds and pistachios and also hadid saffron milk gives a good color to the shrub D another up days ready now switch off the heat .

And let it cool now let's add the Rasmalai balls into the up D so squeeze some sugar sit up from the person lie and just drop it into the now our super spongy Rasmalai  is ready.

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RamalaiRecipe | How to make best and Easy Rasmalai Recipe At Home
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