Reduce Dark circles overnight | 5 Natural Home Remedies for Remove Dark circles

 5 Natural Home Remedies  for Remove Dark circles

Dark circles is a very common issue and many of you requested to cover this topic.  so today I am not going to make just one  but five different remedies to get rid of dark circles because everyone dont have all ingredients  

so you can choose most feasible remedy some people have 
Dark circles naturally  but the cause of  Dark circles can be stress, Less sleep & weak eye sight .  so today i will tell you remedies to remove dark circles permanently
Reduce Dark circles

Dark circles Home Remedies :

1. For first remedy you will need two tablespoon of cucumber juice add it in a bowl and then add 1 tablespoon almond oil. mix these two ingredients properly  you have to apply this mixture under your eyes and leave it overnight 

let me clear one more thing those people who wear glasses  they should use these remedies regularly because their eye muscles are not strong  and they 
Get rid of Dark Circles more frequently.

  so they must use these remedies regularly. do this daily for seven days to remove your dark circles. 

dark circles

2.  lets make our second remedy for this you need two tablespoon of vaseline.  and you will squeeze lemon juice in it. apply this serum on your dark circles.  you have to apply daily for three days.  and it will remove your dark circles permanently.

 lemon and vaseline for remove dark circles
                      Lemon and vaseline for Dark circles

3.          we will make our third remedy remedy is for those who have extreme dark circles. you need two tablespoon of baking soda.  and you will add two tablespoon of milk in it as well. make it smooth paste and apply it on your eyes.  and leave it on for 40 minutes. you have to use this remedy daily  for 2-3 days. and your dark circles will disappear 

Baking shoda and Milk for Dark circles

4                for fourth remedy you will need 1 tablespoon of coffee powder.  add two tablespoon of milk in it mix it well and make it smooth  paste.  you can see the consistency of the mixture. then apply this mixture on your dark circles for 30 minutes. then wipe it off after 30 minutes you have to do it daily for next 10 days.  and you will get rid of dark circles permanently

Coffee powder and milk for Dark circles

                                             Image source :
5.  5th remedy is very simple take a potato slice.  you have to rub it on your dark circles.  you have to do it daily for 2 minutes. and this remedy you have to use for the next five days. hope these remedies will help you alot.

 potato slice

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Reduce Dark circles overnight | 5 Natural Home Remedies for Remove Dark circles
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