Memory superfoods | what is the best food for memory |healthy life

    what is the best food for memory |healthy life

 Memory superfoods or Best foods for memorie such as antioxidant-rich, colorful fruits, green leafy vegetables and whole grains which protect your brain from harmful free radicals, 

 Here are some best foods for Memory:

Superfoods for memory

Vitamin C and B: 

Vitamin C found in citrus fruits, is related to mental legerity, whereas B complex is understood to protect against age-related brain shrinkage and psychological feature impairment. lade on blackcurrants, fish, inexperienced foliolate vegetables, mushrooms, peanuts, benny seeds and eggs to rev up your brain power.

Nuts and Seeds:

 A couple of seeds and cracked could facilitate improve your memory power considerably. Pumpkin seeds are loaded with metal that play an excellent role in sharpening your memory. 

Brain-shaped walnuts are a decent supply of polyunsaturated fatty acid and different essential nutrients crucial for brain functioning and memory skills. helianthus seeds are sensible sources of antioxidant.

nuts for memory
Nuts and seeds for memory

 Even peanuts are full of antioxidant, a potent inhibitor. Almonds and hazelnuts conjointly facilitate boost memory. 


Blueberries are the highest supply of gear referred to as anthocyanins that are Best foods for memorie or brain-boosting antioxidants. consumption blueberries daily will facilitate combat against the onset of short term state of mind. Even strawberries, once consumed often will facilitate delay age-related memory decline.

Berries for memory

Green Vegetables: 

Broccoli, kale, kail, spinach - all inexperienced vegetables are filled with iron, Vitamin E, K and B9 (folate), and phytonutrients like ascorbic acid that are very vital for neuron development. fat-soluble vitamin is understood to be useful in psychological feature improvement and increasing mental alertness.

green vegetables
Green vegetables for memory


 Enriched with antioxidant, avocados are loaded with antioxidants that facilitate keep the brain healthy and alert. Creamy avocados are related to lowering the chance of Alzheimer's. 


 Tomatoes are a decent supply of carotenoid that acts against neuron degeneration and aids within the maintenance and production of recent brain cells.

Whole Grains:

 Whole grains are thought-about to be the powerhouse of energy and facilitate your focus higher. On overwhelming fiber-rich whole grains, energy is free within the body in the style of sugar that assists the brain in functioning properly, keeping America alert.

whole grains


polyunsaturated fatty acid fatty acids in addition as DHA and Environmental Protection Agency are essential for healthy brain functioning as well as for healthy brain neurons. embody salmon, mackerel, tuna and different fish in your diet.

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Memory superfoods | what is the best food for memory |healthy life
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