HOW TO MAKE EASY peanut LADOO RECIPE | kids recipe

 HOW TO MAKE  EASY peanut  LADOO RECIPE | kids recipe

peanuts are very healthy and it's have so many health benefits. simply we lightly roasted peanuts and stored in a air tight jar. If we want spicy we can add some salt and red chilli powder. peanuts are very rich in nutrient so we add this peanuts in our food.

 I additionally make peanuts ladoos with fried plain peanuts. there are many ways to make peanut ladoos only with peanuts or with addition of ingredients like coconut , sesame seeds or nuts. a few formulas require a delicate ball or hard ball consistency in jaggery syrup for making nut ladoos. I will include this recipe too in some time.

The ladoo recipe shared here, just two ingredients are required for making peanut  ladoos  they are peanuts and jaggery .

  1. all we need roasted peanuts 
  2. grind with jaggery powder
  3. and you are sorted. the recipe is nearly similar to making peanut butter, just that we are not grinding the peanuts too much. justit can be shaped as ladoo.
  4. these peanut ladoos remain useful for about seven days at room temperature and for 15 to 20 days in the Refrigerator. you can serve this ladoo in snack time to your  kids  I hope  this is very tasty..

INGREDIENTS  for (1 CUP = 250 ML)

1 cup of roasted peanuts
⅓ cup of  powdered or chopped jaggery


  1. Take a thick bottomed pan and heat it . and keep the  flame in medium and add the raw peanuts.
  2. stirring at intervals in begin to roast the peanuts for some time 
  3. keep on roasting when the peanuts become crunchy.the peanuts should not be a bit of rawness . so we fried peanuts very well.
  4. just we cool the peanuts for few minutes and taste it we should not feel a bit of rawness. then we roast for few minutes. we can use oven for roasting peanuts. 
  5. when we feel  peanuts are roasted well we cool the nut in room temperature . 
  6.  peanuts come at room temperature we rub the peanuts and separate the peel from nuts. do this for all the peanuts .this part of peeling take some time.

Making the peanut ladoo mixture

  1. now we take the peanuts in a grinder jar
  2. and add jaggery powder or chopped  jaggery.
  3. then run the mixy or grinder for few seconds  then stop the grinder and check the mixer of the peanuts. continue for few seconds and stop the grinder  you can get a consistency in the peanuts.
  4. you can grind the mixture when the little bit of oil come from peanuts.Don't grind too much oil will be come from peanuts.
  5. Take the peanut ladoo mixture in a tray or plate

make the shaping peanut ladoos

1. now take a little bit of the ladoo mixture in your palms and start to shape it into peanut ladoos.

2. make nut ladoos with whatever is left of the blend.

3. this formula yields 10 to 12  peanut  ladoos. the formula can be effectively multiplied or tripled. store the peanuts ladoos in a sealed  container.

4. you can store this ladoos in warm or humid place like fridge. and also  you can keep at room temperature.

5. serve these healthy nut ladoos plain as a sweet snack.

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HOW TO MAKE EASY peanut LADOO RECIPE | kids recipe
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