How to make Sooji Halwa Recipe ? sooji ka Halwa

       How to make  Sooji Halwa  Recipe ?

                           sooji ka Halwa

sooji halwa
sooji halwa recipe
sooji halwa recipe is delicious recipe it is very easy to make. It is often  to made in Indian homes.The Same recipe is known as Ravva Kesari in south india ,Ravva sheera in western india .sooji halwa often made for pooja or auspicious also made in festive ocassion like Diwali and Ganesh chaturdhi and religious ceremony.

Ravva kesari is popular Indian sweet in south india ,usually orange food color added. There is no need to use artificial colors. we can use saffron for color

sooji halwa Recipe:

  • Roasted semolina (Rava)                        - 2cups
  • Sugar                                                        - 2cups
  • Water                                                        - 4cups
  • Ghee                                                          - ¾ -1cup
  • Thinned Pineapple pieces(chopped          - 1cup
  • Pineapple essence                                     -  1tsp
  • Yellow food colour                                   - little

sooji halwa Recipe Making Method:

Place all the ingrdeients over the cooking plate in the cooking pan, mix well, cover with the lid and press the switch to “Cooking” .
The switch off  move to “Keep Warm” in 15-20 minutes. If there is excess liquid, mix well and press the switch one again to “Cooking when the halwa is ready the switch will automatically move to.
Keep it Warm”.turn off the cooker, take the halwa to a serving dish and decorate with extra pineapple slices. If using fresh pineapple cook it with ½ cup sugar and 1/2cup water for 5 minutes., Drain from syrup and use.
Variation for Plain Kesari
Omit pineapple, essence and yellow fod colour. Use roasted cashewnuts, cardamom powder and orange red colour.
For Non-Stick Models : Use ½-3/4 cups of ghee.      
It is simple to make and serve in a happy moment if u like this recipe try it . like and share this article to your friends.

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How to make Sooji Halwa Recipe ? sooji ka Halwa
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