The Best Weight loss Tips and precautions

The Best Weight loss Tips and precautions 

Here are some tips and advises for weight loss :
our weight loss depends upon our body type so we must take care and follow  which type of weight loss diet better  to  us.
so many fitness gurus out there preaching weight loss programs to their followers. But remember this, every diet plan works differently depending on a person’s body type, and should be followed only after a consultation sitting with a dietitian.

<weight loss tips>
Weight loss Tips
Some might even like to believe that crash diets work, but in reality, it only leads to weight gain and increases your stress and cortisol level. There are quite a few myths about weight loss that are alarming and it’s actually dangerous for people who follow them blindly.
The journey towards a better life should be a healthy one, hence, we debunk the most common myths:

Our metabolism is related to our genes

This myth has been passed down since ages and we feel good to say that it’s pure hogwash. Metabolism differs from person to person, while some people may be born with a slower or quicker metabolic rate, it is the lifestyle that often impacts metabolic function.

Metabolism slows down at night

There have been various studies that say metabolism slows down at night. So it’s better to have the last meal of the day early in the evening and keep it light. Although it’s a healthy practice, it’s not completely foolproof. Fatty food eaten during the day will have an adverse effect on your body, not just during dinner time.

Eat  superfood-rich diet is healthy

Yes, superfood is loaded with numerous health benefits but eating it in excess will not help you. Too much of any food could mean excess calories that aren’t being used by the body and will end up as stored fat.

Best weight loss foods

Eating something every two hours is ideal
Eating frequent meals is ideal to prevent hunger pangs, but keeping an eye on the calorie count is also equally important.

Having Detoxing food  will reset your metabolism

Detox drinks and food helps to remove antioxidants from the body but metabolism doesn’t work according to detox diets.

Quick Weight Loss Diet Plan

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The Best Weight loss Tips and precautions
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