TOP 10 Health benefits of Onions | why do we eat onion

         Health benefits of Onion

Do you know for what reason do we utilize onions every day now and again here the some reasons.

Onions offer the most great healthful punch, yet the vegetables positively still has much to offer. Here are some unmistakable nutrients, minerals, and different supplements found in onions that merit some spotlight. Each figure depends on a serving of 1 substantial onion (150 grams).



  • Nutrient C – 11.1 milligrams. 19% RDA (prescribed day by day esteem). 
  • Manganese – 0.2 milligrams. 10% RDA. 
  • Fiber – 2.6 grams. 10% RDA. 
  • Nutrient B6 – 0.2 milligrams. 9% RDA. 
  • Folate – 28.5 micrograms. 7% RDA. 
  • Potassium – 219 milligrams. 6% RDA. 
  • Notwithstanding the above supplements, there are various other substance constituents that can be found in onions. Out of them each of the two ground-breaking cancer prevention agents emerge over the rest

Health Benefits of onion



  • Preventing cancer
  • Advancing oral wellbeing 
  • Bringing down circulatory strain (quercetin) 
  • Boosting heart, cardiovascular health 
  • Fighting inflammation
  • Ear infections 
  • Detoxing the body 
  • Supporting osteoporosis 
  • Advancing stomach related health (fiber) 
  • Ensuring against DNA harm 
  • Advancing a solid pregnancy (folate, nutrient C) 
  • Boosting the safe framework (nutrient C) 
  • Advancing excellent skin (nutrient C

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TOP 10 Health benefits of Onions | why do we eat onion
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